These links allow you to review the strict Codes of Coducts we all need to adhere to at Sulis Scorpions.

Code of Conduct for Coaches & Volunteers
Code of Conduct for Parents & Guardians
Code of Conduct for Riders

Code of Conduct on the Circuit:

  • A helmet must be worn at all times when on a bike.

  • Before entering the circuit always check the direction that the race or training session is travelling.

  • NEVER ride in the opposite direction to other riders.

  • When entering the circuit STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and ensure the way is clear before setting off.

  • KEEP YOUR HEAD UP and look where you are going at all times, including when time trialling.

  • ALWAYS LOOK BEHIND before changing line.

  • Faster riders should shout the warning 'coming through' as they approach and pass slower riders.

  • It is the overtaking rider's responsibility to keep to the right and keep clear of slower riders when overtaking.

  • Riders must not change groups, unless instructed to do so.

  • Riders must check behind them before stopping, or when leaving the circuit.

  • When leaving the circuit, do not pull out across the circuit in front of other riders. Stop and wait before crossing to the exit.

  • Wheel changes are only permitted in specified areas (unless otherwise instructed)

  • Keep off the circuit when not riding.

  • If in doubt - ask the coach or an official.